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We can rework your existing wardrobe, banish tired, past-their-best pieces, suggest fabulous replacements for any gaps, and find the hidden gems to create a stylish, fun, easy-to-wear wardrobe.

The beauty of the revamp is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on an entirely new wardrobe.  By showing you new tricks with what you already own, and offering advice on future purchases, you will discover a whole host of amazing outfits you didn’t know you owned.


Wardrobe Revamp

Time for a change...

The hassle and stress of shopping will be taken away with a personalised trip, built around your budget.  I do the research in advance and take you straight to the changing rooms to try clothing on.  By the end, you will have purchased items that fit your style, budget and complement your existing wardrobe.  

If we have already revamped your wardrobe and identified gaps, it’s time to go shopping and buy those important pieces.

Personal shopping is split into half-day and full-day sessions and also make a great gift!

Personal Shopping

£90 (3 hours approx.)£90 (half-day)  £150 (full-day)

“Jeanette is like a clothes fairy.  She whipped my wardrobe into shape and  now every item is there because it looks good.  I've got my mojo and confidence back – I look forward to getting dressed every day.”

Tammy, Somerset